Community Garden

MIC Community Garden Wind-Down (Looking for Relocation Site)

Mableton Improvement Coalition (“MIC”) has had the wonderful opportunity to galvanize an amazing community of gardeners who transformed a small patch of land at 5178 Floyd Road into a thriving community garden for over 10 years. During that time, garden leadership has engaged and educated countless people in our community on how to produce and harvest fresh food.

The property of the ‘Historic Mableton Community Garden (“HMCG”) has always been at risk of being developed or sold since it is located in a prime location. We have been able to hold on for over a decade through the support of the Barnes Family Trust, garden leaders, gardeners, and community partners.

MIC has been informed that the garden must be vacated to make room for new development. As a result, we have to wind down garden operations by the end of 2022.

We would like to thank Gov. Roy Barnes and the Barnes Family Trust for graciously allowing us to grow the garden all these years. Despite our heavy hearts, we are thankful for the extended leases that were afforded to us because the governor believed in the work that we were doing and the benefit that it provided to our community.

MIC also extends special thanks to our current garden leaders – Renee Booker and Todd Bryant – who have served faithfully and continue to do so. We would also like to express our gratitude to Terri Carter, who has not only served as a past garden coordinator, but also ensured that many people, including children, were educated in food production techniques and connected to the greater garden community;  Sandy Rogers, who has supported us in various ways; Argie McKinley and AJ Norman who have helped us maintain the common spaces; Janelle Williams-Holder and the Holder family, who have graciously dedicated their time and resources; Philippa Hooper and Dave McDaniel who served as garden leaders early in our history; as well as a host of other individuals who have contributed in a multitude of ways throughout the years.

What’s Next? 

MIC has been actively looking for a nearby location to launch HMCG 2.0.  A future location for the garden has not yet been found but we continue to vigorously search.  When a new location is secured, rest assured the community will be notified at once.

If you have any information or recommendations for relocation site, please contact us at: