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To promote activities, enhance communication, and facilitate initiatives that will benefit the welfare of the community and its spirit. Our focus is people, community services, and economic development.

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Volunteer! MIC runs on volunteer energy! We have no paid staff, so our accomplishments are created by someone like you with a vision and passion for our community. Contact us with your interests, experience and skills and we will welcome you on board!

Our Community

The Mableton community is diverse and growing as is all of south Cobb County. According to ESRI data, Mableton has almost 77,900 residents and no one racial group is a majority. About 70% of us own our own homes and we enjoy median household incomes of about $71,924…

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Zoning Application – Bosco Ikeakanam (Z-37)

This is one of the zoning cases that MIC’s Zoning Committee is involved in. For more information about MIC’s process and other zoning cases, click here. This application is for a doctors office. Case Number: Z-37...

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