– The Mableton Improvement Coalition gets involved in zoning cases and the county’s comprehensive land use plan so that we can have an impact on the growth and redevelopment of our community. We work with our District Commissioner, Planning Commissioner, county staff, property owners and developers to help them see our vision for Mableton. We reach out to neighbors and homeowners associations around properties that are being re-zoned in order to understand their important issues. Information about each zoning application is included in the MIC newsletters and pending cases are more fully explained using the case links below.

Make Your Voice Heard!

  • In The Zone Meetings – Commissioner Monique Sheffield holds an online community meeting on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 7pm. Email Rwanda McIntosh for the meeting link.
  • Send Your Comments to County Officials – Use this easy link to send your opinion on a zoning application to the Planning Commission, the Board of Commissioners and county staff.
  • Attend Hearings – In person at 100 Cherokee Street in Marietta at 9am on the hearing date, or watch the live stream or recording on the Cobb County YouTube channel.

Public participation in this process is crucial! Click here to learn more about how you can have an impact. 

Here are the pending zoning cases as of June 9, 2024:

Z-9 – Thomas Orok for a townhome development on Burrus Road at Veterans Memorial Highway in Mableton

Z-10 – Paul Edjua (POPOL LLC) for a strip shopping center at 4878 Austell Road, Austell

Z-11 – Salt Springs LLC for an office/warehouse at 5420 Old Floyd Road, Mableton

Z-28 Marshell Drinkard –  for light automotive repair at 469 Six Flags Parkway, Mableton

Z-33 O’Dwyer Properties – NEW – for townhomes at 1035 Old Bankhead Highway, Mableton

LUP-19 Jamie Whitehead – for a dog grooming business at 2041 Gherry Drive, Austell

OB-30 Porfiria Rodriguez – NEW – for a variance to allow less road frontage on Clay Road

OB-34 Juscelio Cruz – NEW – for a variance to allow a smaller lot on Boggs Road

The Mableton Improvement Coalition strives to be a source of information to residents who are concerned about the changing face of a community that is drawing significant residential development, increasing commercial interests, and a changing landscape. We encourage all residents, regardless of their opinions on any particular zoning application, to get involved in the zoning process.

Here are some facts:

  • MIC is a civic organization operated solely by volunteers who do not get paid and expend significant time and energy helping to improve the redevelopment of Mableton. There is no other organization doing our work in Mableton. Check out the scope of our work here.
  • MIC board members must be residents of  the City of Mableton and virtually all our Board members live near areas which have been impacted by a zoning case or cases at one point.
  • MIC DOES NOT approve zoning applications. The Cobb County Board of Commissioners (BOC) is the only authorized body that approves zoning applications.
  • The MIC Board recommends outright approval, approval with conditions, or denial of zoning applications based on information from the MIC Zoning Committee. These recommendations are based on numerous factors, including development plan details, community input or feedback, and project impact on the area. MIC uses the public participation process provided by Cobb County to all citizens to present its position on each application.
  • MIC’s recommendations on zoning applications are made without consideration of the applicant’s past or future status as a sponsor of MIC or MIC’s events and programs. Any current sponsor with a zoning application is placed on hiatus and their funds returned until after the zoning process has been completed.
  • MIC documents and publishes pending zoning cases throughout the entire zoning process. These cases are readily available for viewing on this website. We also publish upcoming zoning cases in our monthly newsletter, which is free to anyone who signs up for it here.
  • MIC uses our social media sites to publicize virtual community meetings that are scheduled by our district commissioner or applicants in zoning cases. Everyone is welcome to participate.
  • MIC Zoning Committee members attend Commissioner Sheffield’s conducts monthly virtual “In The Zone” meetings at which any resident can voice their concerns. This virtual meeting is held on the last Wednesday of each month at 7 pm. Email Rwanda McIntosh for the link.

MIC Board members and volunteers are people who live here in the Mableton community. We donate our time and often personal resources to help make Mableton a great place to live and work. The area is attracting increasing development interest and more residents are demanding better services, schools, restaurants, etc. Some landowners are using this opportunity to sell their property to meet these demands. Reasonable people often have differing opinions on zoning applications. This is not surprising or troublesome. We will be most effective when we can talk calmly about our different perspectives and engage for the good of our community. Greater community involvement and engagement will help shape the best future for Mableton.

MIC’s Zoning Committee meets virtually twice monthly and communicates frequently by email. We especially need expertise in landscape architecture, traffic issues and land use planning. Email Robin Meyer and Becca Ford if you are interested in getting involved, or if you have any questions about MIC’s Zoning Committee. If you’d like information about Code Enforcement, click here.

Here are past cases that MIC has been involved in:


Z-1 – Mirna Aracely Torres Castro 

Z-7 – Gary Walters

Z-12 – WPG-Mableton

Z-17 – Resibuilt – Withdrawn by applicant

Z-19 – JeLen Holdings – Withdrawn by applicant

Z-20 – G. George and Associates – Withdrawn by applicant

SLUP-4 – Vacutek LLC 

OB-11 – Juscelio Cruz

OB-26 Kristoff Jones 


Z-3 Cynthia Jones and Cindy Nash Enterprises LLC

Z-5 Emerson and Gigi Real Estate Holdings

Z-9 Aguas Vivas Centro Familiar De Adoracion Inc.

Z-11- Jose Luis Cardenas

Z-12 – Fernando Chavarria – (Application was withdrawn)

Z-14 – Brand Properties, LLC – (application was withdrawn)

Z-19 Kenneth Clark – (Application was withdrawn, but applicant plans to build on portion of property that does not need re-zoning)

Z-27 – Impact Worship Center

Z-28 – Hernan Guerrero

Z-35 – Suzanne Lemmond Brown, Barbara Lemmond Kilgore

Z-39 – Tunnels to Towers, LLC

Z-42 – William and Lydia Tiku

Z-46 – Morrison Investments  

Z-50 – CIVF VII – (Application was withdrawn)

Z-64 – Cedar Creek Real Estate (Application was withdrawn)

LUP-3 Our Giving Garden

LUP-13 – Donna Jordan

LUP-18 – Haley Lopez

LUP-23 – Alfredo Diaz

LUP-29 – James A Frank

SLUP-3 – Alexandria Holdings Group, LLC

OB-17 – Create Homes, LLC

OB-23 – Iglesia Misionera Roca de Salvacion

OB-28 – Matthew Bowman

OB-35 – Stuart Napshin

OB-39 – 7 Oaks Stables, LLC

OB-40 – Kerley Family Homes

Z-43 – Suhel Kazani – (application was withdrawn)

OB-45 – Alan Baran

OB-47 – Garner Group

OB-57 – Susan Pryor

OB-58 – Bennett Real Estate Holdings

OB-60 – Enoch Appiah

OB-61 – Leopard Pinestraw

OB-66 – Chick Fil-A

V-92 – Raffinee Gonzalez


Z-4 – Quinton Wiggles

Z-8 – Streamline Development Partners

Z-10 – Traton LLC – (application was withdrawn)

Z-16 – Karl Kortemeier

Z-26 – Duke Realty – (application was withdrawn)

Z-27 – Broward Development

Z-35 – Morrison Building & Investment – (application was withdrawn)

Z-39 – Serrano

Z-53 – LEARSI Development Partners

Z-47 – Angel Eyes Studio 5 (application was withdrawn)

Z-59 – Glenside Mableton, LLC

Z-68 – The Revive Land Group

Z-71 – Hamilton Homes – (application was withdrawn)

Z-79 – 7 Oaks Stables

Z-80 – Renata Diniz  – (application was withdrawn)

LUP-8 – Donna Jordan

OB-27 Elvira Benitez

OB-30 Traton, LLC


OB-50 – Streamline Development

OB-57 – Clydesdale Holdings

OB-58 – Axion USA, LLC – (application was withdrawn)

OB-70 Mableton CGB LLC

SLUP-9 Broward Development

V-31 – Cima Network/Five Below 


Z-6 – Loyd

Z-23 – Fifty-Nine Twelve Mableton Parkway

Z-28 – Prestwick Development 

Z-33 – MPINGO – (Application was withdrawn)

Z- 41 – Century Construction and Technologies– (application was withdrawn)

Z-47 Streamline Development Partners – (application was withdrawn)

Z-51 QuikTrip Corporation (application was withdrawn)

Z-56 – Traton, LLC -South Cobb School Road

Z-68 – Tiffany Gray (Application was withdrawn)

Z-69 – Connelly Land Group

Z-83 – St. Bourke

Z-88 – Taylor Morrison -(application with withdrawn)

OB-7 Civil Consulting Engineers – (application was withdrawn)

OB-30 – The Church of the Pentecost USA – (application was withdrawn)

OB-39 – KO Development

OB-65 – Burrus Lane

OB-72 – Chuck Young

V-69 – N&L Food Store Mableton


Z-2 Mond Igbinowanhia

Z-6 CRN Development – (application was withdrawn)

Z-12 Yasmin Benichay-Biton

Z-13 Arturo Martinez

Z-14 Adres Estrada

Z-18 The Revive Land Group

Z-30 – Raouf S. Elmasry (application was withdrawn)

Z-39 – KO Management

Z-48 Bennett Real Estate Holdings

Z-50 Meritage Homes

Z-52 Dills

Z-53 – The Revive Land Group

Z-61 – Green Line, LLC

Z-62 – Ravella Conrad

LUP-14 Family Life Restoration Center (application was withdrawn)

OB-1 David Collins

OB-8 Brixmor Mableton Walk 

OB-9 Amber Shea, LLC 

OB-27 Rekeep Investments

OB-28 Cornerpoint

SLUP-4 White Oak Longline Holdings – (application was withdrawn)

V-47 SAE School


Z-10 Kerley Family Homes  (application was withdrawn)

Z-11 Family Life Restoration Center  (application was withdrawn)

Z-13 Amber-Shea, LLC

Z-28 Ellenwood MCRE, LP

Z-29 Cornerpoint Partners, LLC

Z-33 DeVille Group

Z-38 Joseph & Cynthia Thomas  

Z-41 Kenneth Mordi  

Z-43 Embry Development Company (Cooper Lake)  

Z-44 Kerley Family Homes

Z-49 Vance Jones

Z-52 Russell Landscaping

Z-56 (2019) KO Development

Z-62 (2019) Embry Development

Z-65 HRA Investments, LLC

LUP-2 Lee Road

OB-5 Hilltop Shopping Center

OB-62 Providence Pavilion


Z-30 Key Auto Collision

Z-39 Mableton Center

Z-49 KO Management

Z-51 Silver Manor

Z-54 Gregory King

Z-55 Hawthorne Plaza

Z-59 Oburien


Z-80 Embry Development Company

Z-82 IGBO Union Atlanta

LUP-14 Reneika Rogan

SLUP-8 Home Star Storage

OB-32 Gursharan Pannu

OB-35 Buckner Crossroads

OB-80 Alan Baran