Public Participation in Zoning

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The Mableton Improvement Coalition participates in the public comment process for zoning applications with the goal of presenting the community’s viewpoint.

To view Zoning applications in 30126, go to the MIC website:

We need to hear from you! Email us at become a part of our Facebook group, or attend the In The Zone  meetings. Act as soon as you see a zoning sign! Early conversations are the most productive. Don’t wait until the public hearings to get answers to your questions or voice your concerns.

In The Zone Meetings: District Four Commissioner Monique Sheffield and Planning Commissioner Michael Hughes hold a virtual community meeting about upcoming zoning applications on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 7pm. Email for the meeting link or follow this link to subscribe to Commissioner Sheffield’s weekly newsletter at Everyone participating in the teleconference is welcome to voice their opinions or ask questions. It’s an opportunity not to be missed!

Public Hearings: Final decisions are made by the Board of Commissioners, after the Planning Commission makes a recommendation to the Board of Commissioners. Each holds a monthly hearing (except in January).

  • Planning Commission – first Tuesday of each month
  • Board of Commissioners – third Tuesday of each month

Contact us to double check the hearing dates for the application (which can change due to holidays and postponements). All hearings begin at 9am on the second floor of 100 Cherokee St, Marietta. If you plan to attend, we will help you get the final agenda (called the Summary and Consent Agenda). The final agenda can change, though, so if you are interested in a specific case, you should arrive at 9am.

Public hearings are not public meetings! The applicant speaks for 10 minutes and then everyone speaking in opposition has 10 minutes. The Commissioners do not answer questions or engage in conversation with speakers. It’s a formal legal proceeding.

Written Comments are important!  To submit you comments on any zoning case, go to on the Cobb County website. Be sure to have the case number (Z-##); it’s a required field. Your comments will go automatically to all members of the Planning Commission, the Board of Commissioners and county staff.

Questions? Please contact MIC’s Zoning Committee Co-Chairs, Robin Meyer and Becca Ford, at