MIC considers local businesses to be key partners in our work to help improve Mableton. Stay in front of local customers!!!! Renew or sign up for the Mableton Improvement Coalition (MIC) corporate sponsorship program now.

Sponsorship benefits include various ways to promote your business to our membership and the community via our e-newsletter, website, social media channel, and mentions at our public community meetings. Sponsors may also offer specials and discounts to MIC membership, subject to a few parameters. Click here for parameters.

Our e-newsletter has a circulation of over 2,500 subscribers and the social media reach of over 5,000 followers.

Key priorities and opportunities include partnering with local government on design guidelines for the area; community engagement activities such as the Taste of Mableton; partnering with our local schools to help improve educational outcomes; economic development initiatives, such as annual Economic Development Summit; development of our HOA Network; ongoing work with Zoning, and Adopt-A-Mile litter clean-ups and more.



Listing and URL Link in Monthly MIC Newsletter


Yes Yes Yes

Listing and URL Link on MIC Website 


Yes Yes Yes


Ribbon Cutting/Open House featured in MIC Newsletter


Yes Yes Yes
Notification of relevant Cobb Chamber events and programs (I.e., loan programs, grant opportunities, etc.) Yes Yes Yes

Recognition at Select Events

(MIC sponsored events)


Includes reserved seating


No reserved seating


No reserve seating


Complimentary Individual MIC Memberships











Scheduled Sponsor Spotlight Presentation Opportunity at monthly meeting – 1x year 5 minutes 3 minutes None

Business Strategy Leadership Roundtable

Example: Bringing community leadership together with business owners to strategize and identify solutions.

Yes No No

Exclusive Email Marketing Campaigns

(Sponsors would provide content for email blast-MIC would not be responsible for creative. It must camera-ready. Note-campaign would be sent via Constant Contact. We will never share our list.

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For more information, contact us at sponsor@mableton.org


  • MIC will not accept any corporate sponsorship monies or in-kind service from any company on whose zoning or variance application MIC has taken a position of said application until at least one year has passed since a final decision of the zoning or variance decision has been rendered by the County.
  • Current corporate sponsors who submit a zoning or variance application on which MIC has taken a position of said application will be refunded a prorated portion of the sponsorship fee and the company will not be eligible to be a corporate sponsor until at least one year has passed since a final decision of the zoning or variance has been rendered by the County. 


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Complete this form and then email it sponsor@mableton.org along with your corporate logo. Make out your check payable to “Mableton Improvement Coalition” and add “corporate sponsor” to the Memo line of the check. Mail the check with a copy of the form to the Mableton Improvement Coalition, P.O. Box 491, Mableton, GA 30126.

Email us at sponsor@mableton.org with any questions you might have. Thank you!