Mission & Vision Statement

MIC Mission Statement

To promote activities, enhance communication, and facilitate initiatives that will benefit the welfare of the community and its spirit. Our focus is people, community services, and economic development.

Our Vision Statement

A community of involved residents coming together to improve the quality of life in Mableton.

Our Community

The Mableton community is diverse and growing as is all of south Cobb County. According to Census Bureau information, Mableton has almost 77,900 residents and no one racial group is a majority. About 70% of us own our own homes and we enjoy median household incomes of about $71,924.

With the coming of the railroad in the 19th century, Mableton served as a commercial center for surrounding farms. That role continued as farming gave way to paid employment away from home and Mabletonians became more likely to commute to work. When Interstate 20 was built, long distance travel shifted from Mableton’s US Highway 78/278 (now Veterans Memorial Highway). The completion of the East West Connector picked up local traffic and many businesses moved from Mableton as a result.

Now, MIC is leading the effort to redevelop Mableton. As residents have always known, this is a great place to be! Join us in supporting our existing businesses, recruiting new businesses, and welcoming new families to neighborhoods around our community.