Buckner Crossing Hearing – Get the Facts

Jul 1, 2018 | Uncategorized

The Dahlhauser Group is asking for a change to the stipulations for this new shopping center currently under construction at the corner of Buckner Road and Veterans Memorial Highway. Their application asks for a new site plan and a change to the existing stipulations to allow an auto parts retail store and climate controlled self-storage.

The hearing on this application will be before the Board of Commissioners on July 17 @ 9am at 100 Cherokee Street in Marietta. Because it is not a complete rezoning, it is called an Other Business Agenda item and it is not heard by the Planning Commission. There is no need to attend the July 3 Planning Commission hearing; there will be no opportunity to speak on this issue. The Board of Commissioners will not be there and they are the decisionmakers on this application.

There has been a lot of interest in this application-which is just great!!! It’s good for our community! But there has also been a lot of confusion. If you want to have input on this application, here is what you should do:

  1. Read the application. Attached to the application are the current zoning restrictions for the property, so you will see what is allowed now and what the applicant wants to change.
  2. Email the Board of Commissioners with your opinion. Copy and paste these email addresses (they include county staff and the applicant): mike.boyce@cobbcounty.org, lisa.cupid@cobbcounty.org, bob.ott@cobbcounty.org, joann.birrell@cobbcounty.org, bob.weatherford@cobbcounty.org, john.pederson@cobbcounty.org, robin.presley@cobbcounty.org, mattd@dahlhausergroup.com, zoning@mableton.org.
  3. Contact the developer, Matt Dahlhauser (phone and email on the application) if you want to know more about his plans.
  4. Attend the hearing on July 17 at 9am at 100 Cherokee St, Marietta.
  5. Questions: Email zoning@mableton.org. Please do not rely on our ability to follow social media! We are all volunteers and are not always on zoning duty!