Celebrating Student Success at Pebblebrook High School

Feb 24, 2021 | Education

It seems like forever since July 2019 when Dr. Dana Giles assumed the position of Principal at Pebblebrook High School.  From the perspective of the community, the leadership has been transformative, as “Dr. G” continues the focus of “changing the narrative” around student achievement and shaping the learning environment to reflect a culture of success and high performance.

 On February 6, Dr. Giles and her staff organized an honor parade to salute and recognize 917 students whose scholastic achievement earned them a place on the Honor Roll.  What a great accomplishment to see fully 37% of the 2465 student body excelling academically!!…Congrats to Students and Parents. The Mableton community enjoyed the honor roll parade salute that was accompanied with a performance by the Pebblebrook marching band.

More photos from the event –