MIC Joins With Cobb County to Create A Mableton Community Improvement District

Aug 23, 2018 | Uncategorized

The Mableton Improvement Coalition is working with County officials in exploring the possibility of creating Cobb’s fourth community improvement district (CID) centered on Mableton. The Mableton Community Improvement District Partnership is a cooperative effort among Cobb District 4 Commissioner Lisa Cupid, Cobb Community Development Agency staff and the Mableton Improvement Coalition.

A CID is a self-taxing district established by commercial property owners to improve local infrastructure and public safety. The property owners that make up the CID’s membership agree to tax themselves and leverage that revenue to obtain state and federal funds for projects that improve the area and to implement project directly.

There are more than two dozen CIDs in Georgia, according to the Georgia Municipal Association. Cobb’s three existing CIDs are centered on Cumberland, the Town Center area and the Gateway area of Marietta. All three CIDs levy a 5-mill property tax on their commercial properties that comprise their membership.

“We have seen firsthand in Cobb that CIDs are an excellent way to leverage public-private partnerships to best benefit the community,” Cupid said in a news release announcing the partnership Wednesday. “I look forward to working with all partnership members to determine current and future needs and our most productive course of action.”

Mableton CID projects may include decorative street lighting, gateway and wayfinding sign-age, landscaping, public safety initiatives, infrastructure projects and recreational improvements. Retail market analysis and studies on redevelopment, planning and engineering may also be included, according to the release.

“CIDs in Cobb County have a track record of helping stimulate growth and providing needed stimulus for projects within area boundaries,” said MIC President Joel Cope. “This particular proposed CID has the potential to provide a real shot-in-the-arm for development in the Mableton community.”

For more information, contact Joel Cope.