New Mableton Fire Station Opens Soon

Nov 26, 2019 | Uncategorized

From Interim Chief Randy Crider, Cobb County Department of Public Safety

“The Cobb County Fire Department is set to occupy new Fire Station One located in Mableton at 5781 Mableton Parkway. This new station is intended to replace the current fire station located at 5656 Mableton Parkway. As of now, the Fire Department plans to occupy the new fire station the week of December 9th.

“With this new facility, the Fire Department will gain new capabilities in the form of additional staffing, additional emergency response vehicles, and lower response times. The station is equipped with a natural gas powered generator, which allows this location to be self-sufficient in the case of loss of power.

“From the point of safety, this new station will also serve the firefighters in a better way by preventing exposure to fumes with climate control gear locker rooms and gear laundering equipment. The station also features bi-folding bay doors. These doors open more quickly and eliminate fall hazards associated with standard overhead door. The fitness gym has been upgraded to meet the cultural commitment of fitness, and provide fire fighters with the latest exercise equipment. Mableton residents can look forward to having a state of the art facility in their own backyard and have one of the newest fire stations in the County.”


Note from MIC: On previous occasions, Commissioner Cupid has stated that the future use of the old fire station is not known. At least one “retired” fire station in South Cobb (on Austell Road) is for sale. The “retired” fire station on Hillcrest is slated to be renovated for community use. The options for these buildings is influenced by the original funding source. As MIC learns more, we will share the information.