State Farm and MIC Bridging Digital Divide – Laptops Donated to Lindley Middle School

Jun 28, 2020 | Education

On the bright, hot and sunny morning of Saturday, June 20, MIC sponsor, State Farm, and MIC’s Education Committee greeted a select number of students and parents outside Lindley Middle School.  Local State Farm agents Veronica Adadevoh and Natalie Reid demonstrated tremendous community support for our schools by donating eight Dell Laptops. By combining resources they will help prepare students for “essential” careers.  To be effective in the digital learning environment, you need digital devices.  With great enthusiasm the LMS students were welcomed and presented Dell laptops!

The donation of Dell laptops was made possible by the partnership between the local business community and our schools.  State Farm recognized an important student need in the Mableton community and responded.  An outstanding level of commitment from the new Lindley Middle School Principal, Ms. Elayna Wilson and the School Social Worker, Ms. Kimberly Chinn made for a memorable event.

A major goal of MIC is to advocate, support, and help improve our local schools.  We look forward to even more opportunities where the time, talent, and resources of the Mableton community will have a meaningful and positive impact on our students.

Left to Right: Nate Smith (MIC Education Chair), Veronica Adadevoh (State Farm Agent), Joel Cope (MIC President), LMS School Students, Elayna Wilson (Principal), Natalie Reid (State Farm Agent)

Left to Right: Veronica Adadevoh (State Farm Agent), LMS student and parent, Ray Thomas (MIC Chairman), Elayna Wilson (Principal), LMS Student and parent, Natalie Reid (State Farm Agent)

Left to Right: Nate Smith (MIC Education Chair) , Natalie Reid (State Farm Agent), LMS Student and Parent, Joel Cope (MIC President), Channelle Refuge (MIC Education Committee), Veronica Adadevoh (State Farm Agent), and Elayna Wilson (Principal)


Left to Right: Nate Smith (MIC Education Chair), LMS Student and Parent, Elayna Wilson (Principal), Channelle Refuge (MIC Education Committee)

Read more about MIC’s Education Committee or contact Education Committee Chair, Nate Smith for additional information or to learn how you can get involved.